Welcome to Florence Computer Works

We specialize in working with Non-Profits. Using open-source software to keep our costs down, we are able to create a new website with all the bells and whistles at a fraction of the cost that professional Web-Developers charge.  You see... not everyone that develops web sites care about what their clients are doing. WE DO!

We take the time to listen to each client carefully.

We look at the need.

We look at a realistic budget, and yes when necessary we do "Pro-Bono" work.pro bono

WHY? Because sometimes that new non-profit is running on a tight budget (or no budget) and just needs some help getting started.


We keep our expenses down using "Open Source" software for one.

And larger non-profits will make contributions from time to time so that we can help those that need a hand.

And of course we pray. If you do not understand this approach, then you probably are visiting the wrong web site.

If you get this web-site, contact us.

We promise to help you.